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Aries (21 March - 20 April)

Born between 21 March - 20 April, Aries people are typically headstrong and impulsive - rushing in where angels fear to tread. They are essentially self-expressive and assertive with qualities of enterprise and spontaneity. Aries people want everything done yesterday and their attitude is usually "me first" rather than being naturally individualistic. Arian's value their freedom, they are frank and direct to the point of being tactless.

Mentally you are quick thinking, quick witted, though not particularly reflective or philosophical.  You like to start a project but can rush off into other ideas before finishing it.

You can be selfish, impatient, argumentative and quick tempered - often insensitive to the feelings of others - although not usually intentionally. You enjoy a challenge and make a good leader or boss, especially where initiative and pioneering spirit is needed.

Aries is ruled by Mars which governs the head.  Symbolically this means that you like to be at the head of things (first). Physiologically there could be a tendency to headaches, neuralgia and inflammations. Your impulsive nature brings a risk of accidents and haemorrhage.

Financially you find that many of your troubles occur as a result of you taking up and staying with unsuitable activities. You rarely seem to know when to stop.

Your lucky cooler is red, your gemstone is diamond and number is one.


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