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Leo (23 July - 22 August)

Those born under the sign of Leo are self expressive, assertive and energetic. You like to be the centre of the stage and you have a strong personality. You project a sense of authority and can sometimes come across as overbearing. When you do something you like to do it "big time" and have little time for attention to detail. You maintain a dignified stance and find it easy to project your enthusiasm to those around you.

Mentally you are intellectually inclined and like to take a lateral view on situations. You are also forthright and outspoken and like to get your point across.

In love you have strong ideals and find it difficult to tolerate imperfection in others. You are a loyal, warm and generous lover and have powerful, sincere feelings and strong principles.

You can appear bombastic, conceited, snobbish and patronizing at times, but generally you are popular within your own circle of friends.

Financially you like to take chances but your lucky touches are usually for small gains because you rarely read the small print.

Your ideal vocation would be one of a manager, director or chairperson but your organization skills would also be a great asset in party planning, social event organizer, PR work or as an actor or actress.


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