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Libra (24 September - 23 October)

Associated with Venus and the 7th house, Librans are often the "charmers" in life. The scales symbol signifies a desire for balance and harmony in most situations and you are generally a fairly 'easy going' sort of person. You like to hear two sides of the story or give consideration to the other person's point of view but usually find it difficult to make a decision, sometimes going from one extreme to other.

In love you are romantic and sentimental but can be flirty without realizing it. You usually opt for the "quiet life" and hate arguments or debates of any sort. You are good company and have a wide circle of acquaintances but underneath you tend to lack confidence in yourself.

Financially you are generally self-sufficient, but emotion and money can be your downfall; you can be very generous and fair with matters of finance.

Your ideal vocation would be as an artist, poet or anywhere that you can utilize and display your sense of harmony, balance, balance and beauty. Examples are beautician, interior decorator, hairdresser, valuer, or working in cosmetics or textiles.

Physiologically your vulnerable areas are the kidneys, eyes and reflex actions.


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