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Pisces (20 February - 20 March)

You are passive and emotional with qualities of intuitiveness, adaptability and variableness. Pisceans are typically sensitive souls with a warm, compassionate and easy going nature. You cannot bear to see suffering in others and are quickly moved to tears. You often keep your innermost feelings to yourself and find it difficult to conform to rigid behaviour patterns.

You have psychic, mediumistic tendencies and should listen to your dreams. Pisceans are never happy when they are acting against their own instincts.

Mentally you are receptive to others and impressionable - being able to see situations from the other's perspective. You are sensitive and emotional and can express your innermost thoughts through poetry or music.

You will do anything possible for those you love as you are intensely emotional and lovable, but you could feel confused and disillusioned by the cold realities of providing for a family and find independence an alien experience.

Practicality is not your strongest point and you can be careless and indecisive. You can be prone to extravagance and should watch your spending.

Your ideal vocational activities tend to be musical, artistic or poetic. You could make a good actor or actress and an excellent psychic. On a more practical level you could go into nursing or care work as you like to look after others.

You are rather diffident about finances and have a knack of finding out the hard way. When you gamble, which can be quite often, there is little system, you can bet inveterate gamblers.

Physiologically you could experience problems with the feet or suffer from stress. You could have a weakness for alcohol and should take drugs only in moderation.


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