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Scorpio (24 October - 22 November)

Scorpion people are recognizable by their prominent facial features, often a roman or straight nose, determined chin and penetrating eyes. They have intense personalities and project a strong animal magnetism, however their downfall is their biting tongue, finding it easy to spit out venom when they wish to hurt someone.

Scorpions are creatures of mystery and dark secrets and have hidden depths within them and a strong conviction in what they do. Even their silences will have you waiting in anticipation for their next move.

Although often deeply spiritual people, the Scorpion can also be a dangerous enemy (or friend) and many will turn to crime in order to accomplish their ends. Mentally you have strong reasoning powers and will win many an argument or debate. You are keenly perceptive and analytical and have an interest in political issues.

In love you are passionate and often intensely jealous. You demand total fidelity from your mate and if you discover disloyalty they will not be given a second chance. You find it difficult to let go of resentment and become quite destructive and suspicious when your defences are down.

In finance you are very possessive and are very good at using other people's money to get results for yourself. Success is indicated for you.  In gambling you go for the main chance in a very big way - no half measures for you.

Your ideal career would be detective, soldier, investigator, politician, surgeon or anywhere that you can use your researching abilities.


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