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Creative Dreaming
Dream magic was used in the third century by Egyptians to induce creative dreams and find answers in their life. The subject would go to a south facing cave and sit in the darkness, gazing at a candle flame until a deity was seen in it. The god or goddess would then appear in the person's dreams and provide the answer

Waking Dreams
Creative visualization is a form of "waking dream" in which you can know the answers to questions which you are not consciously aware of but know the answer to on a deeper level.

Find a special, comfortable place for this exercise and imagine yourself walking down some steps into a beautiful blue cavern. As you reach the bottom of the steps imagine some small pools of water which you have to step around to go deeper into the cave.

The inner walls of the blue cavern are covered in sapphires which reflect their beautiful blueness onto the pools of water through the stream of light pouring down from an opening in the roof of the cave.

You walk deeper into the cavern through a small opening which leads out into a glorious round chamber. And coming forward to greet you from the back of the chamber is an old man who looks to be at least a hundred years old.

He is wearing a long, purple robe and his white hair topples over his shoulders.

He has twinkling blue eyes, just like the sapphires around you.

This old man cannot speak but you and he can communicate through telepathy and you have a very important question toask.

He will only grant you one question so I want you to think about the one question in the whole world which is most important to you.

Just one question.

So think carefully before you word that question clearly in your mind, ready to project into the mind of the old man of the blue cavern.

When you are ready, ask your question and wait for the answer.

Listen very carefully to what he has to tell you.

Waking dreams can also be experienced through Path-Working.


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