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Case 1 Symptoms:
I suffer from terrible gory and violent nightmares, they come in bouts, I will have them constantly every night for weeks and  then I do not have them for a couple of months before they return. Most common themes include: Rape, necrophilia, snuff porn, demon like characters i.e. red men often with severe burns and boils, many of my dreams are so gory I feel sick when I wake.

My dreams have often included people being axed, burst open, there is always a great deal of blood involved, sometimes I am doing the murdering but more often than not I am the witness in the dream.

I am in general a very happy person and do not dwell on negatives but these dreams are a growing concern.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Case 1 Analysis:
Without knowing more detail about your history and emotional relationships we can only offer a brief interpretation about your nightmares and of course this would be subject to variables.

Although you describe yourself as generally happy with a positive personality, it would seem that your subconscious mind is expressing some sort of internal conflict which you are reluctant to acknowledge or deal with in your normal, waking state.

Your description suggests that you may be drifting into some sort of "Dante's Inferno" or "Hell" as we call it.  This could imply that life is going so well for you that you fear something must intervene to destroy this equanimity and this expresses itself through those nightmares.

Alternatively the demons of your dreams could represent people or situations that you feel over-powered by and the symbolism is your mind's way of telling you to face up to the fact that things aren't what they seem.  Is someone close to you being deceived or taken advantage of?  Is there something you feel powerless to intervene in?

Is there is something important that you have failed to mention in your email?  Perhaps a person or situation who isn't present constantly but is has a semi-permanent place in your life.

To eliminate these bad dreams you will need to acknowledge these anxieties rather than sweeping them under the carpet, this way you will regain control and be able to enjoy your dream time experiences.

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