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Aug 08
I dreamt that a boy I liked very much had died and I was walking over a bridge crying about him.  A few months later after leaving college and losing contact with him I read his obituary in the local paper.  I don't know if this was psychic or just  coincidence but I have had similar (not so bad) psychic dreams.

Jan 06
I wouldn't go as far as to say that I am psychic, but I do have weird "deja vu" experiences. If something bad is going to take place in my life, I usually have a dream about it first.

For instance, one time I had a dream that I was in jail and the police wouldn't let me out, even though I said I was innocent. The next week my brother was arrested and wrongly accused of having drugs. He is a good kid and it was a shock to our family. The problem with my abilities is that I always see myself in the position, and then it happens to someone close to me.

A week ago I bought some alcohol for a party I was going to attend. At the register, the clerk could not ring up the total. I had an overbearing feeling of dread. She said aloud, "I guess this means you should not attend that party." So , I gave the drinks to my sister (whom I was supposed to be travelling with) and told her to be careful. At one a.m. she called and said she had been in a terrible car accident. Weird huh? The latest "incident" is by far the worst. I have been telling a close friend of mine that I have this feeling that I was never meant to live long. I don't know why I said that, but I seemed so sure of it. A couple of days ago my mother, who is in perfect health, revealed to us that she has a terminal illness.

I don't know what to think of all this, but my friends agree that it is too coincidental. So, now if I have a feeling or a dream, I take it seriously. These are just a few examples. I have had many more experiences. I don't consider this a gift because it is always something negative.

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