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Chin and Ears

A receding chin shows that someone has grown up without having to make any major decisions, this person lacks self control and was often over protected and indulged by the parents.

Broad chins show strength and an average chin belongs to someone who is impulsive and lacking in endurance. The protruding chin shows character and determination  and a very stubborn nature. This person may be slow and deliberate but they have a great deal of endurance.

Narrow chins show more fragile health and less energy and will power, these people usually follow others rather than lead. A square chin belongs to someone who is obstinate, reliable and independent whilst the pointed one indicates discontentment, and lack of perception. Oval chins belong on artistic, charming and kind people and the double chin is that of a self indulgent, good natured, rather uncontrolled person.

Dimpled chins belong to those with an ardent, artistic disposition who are self willed and very fond of the opposite sex.

Large ears generally belong to a rather go ahead person with a strong sense of values and medium ears show open-mindedness and fairness. Small ears belong to a conservative and cautious person and if they stick out this shows originality.; The size of the lobe of the ear shows how much the person warms up to others. The larger the lobe the more friendly and responsive the nature, and pointed ears belong to someone with a witty, amusing person with plenty of charm.


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