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Eyes are known to be the "windows of the soul" and they are a good guide to feelings, general behaviour and temperament. Look for the size, shape, colour, nearness to the nose and the amount of sparkle when reading eyes.

Large eyes are observant and eager rather than deeply thoughtful and they show someone who takes people rather at their own valuation, believes what they hear or see and is therefore somewhat easy to exploit.; This person is more imitative than original. If they eyes protrude they belong to a chatterbox.

Medium eyes show an average, nice person with few pronounced faults.

Small eyes denote shrewdness and concentration and they can be calculating. These people are acutely observant and although the memory may not be infallible the reasoning powers, independence and judgment are superior. If the eyes are very small then the person is apt to be sly and suspicious and may turn to trickery and cunning to get their own way. When small eyes are piercing they show undue curiosity, quick temper and spitefulness.

Wide apart eyes (those with more than the width of an eye between them) indicate a reliable, loving and generous person who may be so trusting they are easily deceived by more unscrupulous people.

If the eyes are close together this denotes a suspicious, unbelieving, calculating and prudent nature.

Bright, keen eyes show a person who is alert and makes the most of their abilities. This person may go further and seem more brilliant than the apparently clever person who, with dull, lack-lustre eyes, fails to take full advantage of their brain power.

Blue eyes show good self control, optimism, energy, vivacity, good judgment and shrewdness. People with blue eyes have good concentration and reasoning skills, they are also original and practical but their memories are not too good.

Grey eyes belong to someone who is systematic, self controlled, matter of fact and rather cold and calculating. This person is usually successful in business.

Green or grey green eyes are the mark of good brains, many talents, energy and enterprise. They are temperamental and uncertain tempered and may be inclined to deceit.

Hazel eyes belong to a kind, gentle, affectionate person who can be somewhat childish even in middle age. Unless the owner's hair is auburn, giving energy and drive, the hazel eyed person may not be a very strong character.

Brown eyes denote an emotional character with great intensity of affection and much capacity for hatred. These people are good at detail, artistic, demonstrative and sympathetic but lack self control - they can also be very moody.

Black eyes carry the characteristics of the brown eyed person to it's extreme, they can be exceptionally jealous but are very faithful to those they love.

Thin eyebrows show a calm, slow and silent person and thick heavy eyebrows are the mark of an intense nature with passion, devotion, jealousy and a tendency to become obsessed by people or ideas.

Coarse, bushy eyebrows indicate unusual abilities which are largely unused whereas fine, flat eyebrows denote a strong willed, optimistic person with much perseverance. Medium eyebrows indicate a well balanced person.

The direction and curve of the eyebrows can also tell you a lot about someone. Straight ones indicate a magnetic, vital nature whilst eyebrows that curve downwards from the nose indicate great impatience and impulsiveness.  When they curve upwards this indicates a temperament that loves mystery, intrigue and complications and arched eyebrows are a sign of a dreamy person who takes things on trust instead of investigating further.


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