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Face Shapes

Reading a person's character by their face is known as physiognomy and can be carried out without the subject's knowledge and be practiced anywhere where people are present. It can give you a useful insight into the character of the person and help you to deal with him or her without hurting their feelings.

To begin with you need to study the proportions of the face in order to decide the predominant set of qualities it possesses. Their are three divisions in a face, these are:

  • The forehead
  • The entire length of the nose
  • From the base of the nose to the point of the chin - including the upper lip, mouth and chin. Measurements are taken downwards from the forehead.


A perfectly proportioned face where the three divisions are equal in length indicates an extremely well balanced nature, which does nothing to excess and has no strong peculiarities. It indicates balance in all departments of life - work, love, marriage, etc and someone who can expect to do very well in these things without being a genius.

Where the face is fairly evenly balanced but the nose section is the shortest, a more distinctive personality is indicated.

Highly intelligent people usually have a long forehead. This person is intellectual and mentally quick with the foresight and the ability to teach others.

Where the nose is longest the practical and energetic side of the nature is most important. There will be both physical strengths and good abilities with an active, businesslike, forcible nature and a broad outlook.

If the mouth and chin are the longest this signifies a determined person with plenty of staying power. Other factors, however, need to be taken into consideration.

When the features make an outward curve the subject is quick tempered and quickly aroused with plenty of nervous energy. He or she is impulsive, rushing enthusiastically into new plans but quickly tiring of them when long concentration or endurance are required. This person is amusing company but changes her opinions many times.

The face that makes an inward curve owing to a forehead and chin which project rather a small nose indicates a slow, silent, patient personality. Nothing is done in a hurry but is thorough and painstaking. This person would make a good specialist.  She is a dreamer and thinker with little energy and is often thought lazy and absent minded.

The person whose feature are more or less straight apart from the nose are well balanced and rarely go from one extreme to the other.


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