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Foreheads that are high indicate an intellectual person, a book lover who is anxious to improve the memory. This person is also religious, high minded and honourable and rarely break a promise.

If the high forehead is narrow the owner is thought to be learned, but not original or independent. She is reserved and impractical and likes to keep in the background rather than being the centre of attention

A broad, high forehead indicates someone who is intellectual, practical and intuitive in just the right proportions.

The low forehead belongs to a less ambitious person who accepts things at face value, without questions. This person often has a poor memory and is quite impulsive.

The broad forehead generally shows good abilities though with less memory than the "highbrow" type. Reasoning and constructive skills are dominant and this type indicates a successful business person who perseveres to get things done.

The narrow forehead is indicative of someone with a timid, conservative disposition. Such people will often have old fashioned, prejudiced views which nothing will induce them to change. They are not particularly musical or good at languages and their judgment is often impaired because of their prejudices.

The square forehead is moderately high in proportion to its breadth and the same width at the bottom as at the top, it indicates trustworthiness, honesty and good judgment combined with energy and a practical outlook on life. This person is inventive and has good constructive ability.


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