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A small mouth often shows small mindedness and whilst there is culture and refinement in those with small mouths they are often carried out to extremes and become affectation. This person has an excellent memory. When it is pursed up the small mouth indicates an orderly, severe and economical person who can be quite selfish.

The large mouth belongs to a tolerant and generous person with plenty of common sense and energy. This person loves talking and is good natured and sociable.

A turned up mouth indicates optimism and a person who is cheerful, pleasant and sociable. These people seldom take life seriously, whilst the turned down mouth indicates a pessimistic, melancholy nature who enjoys the serious things in life.

The straight mouth shows a good balanced nature, an even temper and someone who is fair and firm. This person finds it easy to get on with most people.

Protruding lips indicate an impulsive, emotional person who has little patience and rushes to get everything done. This person enjoys conversation but can be somewhat quarrelsome and aggressive, whilst at the same time kind and sympathetic.

Receding, thin lips indicate a quite and rather pessimistic nature, someone who is reserved and has conservative ideas. This person prefers his or her own company and has excellent self control.

Full, thick lips indicate a lack of self control, greediness, coarseness and sensuality. These people have poor concentration skills and display a lack of enterprise and fairness when dealing with others.

Medium lips indicate a courteous, easy going nature with sympathy, good taste and appreciation. This person shows affection easily.

People with a short upper lip have a great need for praise and approval and can be quite vain. They are full of life and make pleasant companions. A long upper lip denotes determination and faithfulness, this belongs to a kind, resolute and dependable person who makes an excellent friend or a good employee.


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