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A Roman nose which is large with an arched bridge shows a quick, active, powerful person with a great deal of physical and mental strength. This nose belongs to person of action but they can be impatient, restless and prone to worrying. The longer the nose the more assertive the person is whilst the breadth of this type of nose signifies strength of character. When it is high and thin this is known as the aristocratic nose as it is common amongst those of a high social status.

The Greek nose is handsome and makes a straight line with the forehead, indicating a harmonious, moderate disposition with courtesy and adaptability. This person is artistic and cultivated with beautiful taste and a strong sense of justice.

The aquiline nose is rather like an eagles beak, large and thin and continuously curved down its length - this person was born to command and is seen to be aristocratic and refined.

The Jewish nose is large, well arched and broad with a characteristic downward curve at the tip. It belongs to the keen business person who is ambitious, money-making and shrewd. These people have much tact and observation and have wonderful powers of persuasion. When this nose is short there is a sense of humour but when it is long the money making characteristics predominate. This person is very devoted and generous to the family.


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