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Crystal Scrying

Crystal scrying is an art that takes time to develop, so don't give up if you don't get results immediately.  To begin with, use a bowl of water, a black cloth and a lighted candle.  See that the flame of the candle is reflected in the water and focus on this reflection for a few minutes to begin with, then gradually increase the meditation time.  This exercise strengthens the concentration.  Eventually it should take ten minutes or so to go into a comfortable trance-like state, not too deep - in order to see images in the water.

Most people report a 'cloudiness' to begin with.  It is important to remember that the images you see are not actually in the water or the crystal ball, but a projection from your mind onto the focal point.

After a bit of practice you will notice the cloudiness begin to disperse and you will see certain images.  These images are often symbolic in origin and the essence of scrying is interpreting the symbols in accordance to the scryer's own interpretation of these symbols.

I can give you some guidelines as to what the symbols may mean, but always use your own instinct.  For instance one person may interpret a ring as symbolic of a union between man and woman while another person may interpret the ring as meaning that one is going around in circles.  If this is your mental projection then you are the one who needs to interpret it.

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