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What is Dowsing?
Dowsing is an ancient practice where hidden water, minerals or oil are detected deep in the ground by using a forked stick which is held between the hands.  Pendulum dowsing is a variation of this which usually uses a weight on the end of a chain to answer questions, find lost objects, choose lucky numbers and even for finding ghosts.

How does it work?
There are different theories about how dowsing works although it is not known exactly how, but the information received is outside the five senses so it appears that we can use it to tap into our hidden powers by bringing together the rational and intuitive faculties, the left and the right sides of the brain to access knowledge outside normal conscious awareness.

Early explanations suggested that there was a sympathetic attraction between specific minerals and rods cut from certain trees and that underground water, gold or oil emit a strong natural energy which the diving tool picks up like an aerial and transmits to the dowser.

Some say that the pendulum has a mind of its own and as an inanimate object has statues inside waiting to be freed.  Divination traditionally meant getting in touch with a god or 'divus' for inspired direction for a future course of action.

Making your own Pendulum:
You can make your own pendulum by attaching a plumb bob, a key or a ring onto the end of a length of cord or string or alternatively buy one of the many long crystal quartz, rounded or pointed at one end that contains the living energies of the earth.

The string is held between the thumb and forefinger and it should be between 27 cm (9 inches) and 120 cm (40 inches) long, although to start with the string should be fairly short.  If you are dowsing over a chart or a map then 15 - 20 cm is probably about right.  Any excess string can be wrapped around your index finger.

Charging your crystal or pendulum with power
Place your crystal or pendulum in a small plant pot and cover with earth for one hour.  Remove from the pot and run the crystal under water for one minute to remove any excess soil, then place the crystal into a bowl of clear spring water into which you have dissolved a few grains of sea salt and leave for at least four hours.  When you are ready to remove it place on a piece of cotton or silk material and leave in the sunlight to dry.  At dusk, light a pure white candle and pass your pendulum through the flames seven times, calling upon the four elements, earth, fire, air and water to charge your crystal.

Leave the candle burning in a safe place near to the crystal so that the light falls onto it and when the candle is burned through place your pendulum into a dark silk or small black velvet bag until you're ready to use it.

What to use pendulum dowsing for
You can use pendulum dowsing for many thing, here are a few ideas:

  • Finding natural underground substances such as water, oil or gold. 

  • To help you to make decisions in life.

  • For finding things or people

  • For locating earth energies

  • For health purposes

  • For psychic phenomena

How to use your pendulum
The easiest method is to hold the end of your string or chain on which your pendulum hangs and ask a series of questions in your mind to which you already know the answer.  For example you could ask, 'Is my name  . . (whatever your name is) and notice which direction the pendulum swings.

There are five typical movements that the pendulum uses, these are:

  • In a clockwise circle

  • In an anti-clockwise circle

  • Horizontal

  • Vertical

  • Diagonally

You should notice a consistency of movement as you ask positive questions and then you can start asking questions to which you know the answer is no.  This will indicate the direction of which future questions will be answered.

Using this method you must phrase the questions in your mind so that the answer is either yes or no.  This may seem to take a little time initially but you will soon get used to asking the questions in a way that will provide a faster response.

If the pendulum fails to move (which it rarely does), try it another day.

Locating Missing Objects
If your loss occurred in the home then draw a simple map of the rooms in the house (upstairs and downstairs if applicable).  Form a clear mental image of the object that is missing and concentrate on it for a few minutes, whilst holding your pendulum over the map.  Holding it over each room individually you can ask in your mind if this is where it is located and wait for a yes/no response.  When you have discovered the correct room you can draw another map of the room with various items of furniture that are contained in it and repeat the process until you find your object.

Dowsing for Health
This should never be done as a substitute for medical advice from a qualified practitioner but can work well alongside conventional physicians or homeopathic remedies over a period of time.

Begin by asking your pendulum whether it would benefit you by taking a remedy at the present time.

If the answer is no then ask if you need to modify your diet or take more rest or exercise (remember, one question at a time).

If you have any herbal remedies in the house you can hold your pendulum over each in turn and ask for a positive response from the one which would be most beneficial.

Alternatively draw a grid chart containing the names of different remedies in each square and hold the pendulum over each one individually until you get a positive response.

Check with your pharmacist or herbalist to make sure that it is alright for you to take them.

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