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Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies are pastry shells that contain a message for you.

While the message may sound rather frivolous - often containing only a few words of advice or prediction -they can be far more profound if you take randomness into consideration.

Example.  You take the same train to work everyday without consequence.  One day you happen to miss your train so take the next one - and meet your life partner.  Had you been able to catch the first train your whole future would have been different.

The message in your cookie may say something like - be cautious with money today.  An innocuous sounding message but it will make you more alert to the possibility that something untoward could happen and - chance and fate being what they are - today could just be the day that you happen to get taken for a ride by a trickster (for want of a better word).

So heed the messages in your Fortune Cookie but don't take them too seriously.  They are, after all, a bit of fun but as we all know, laughter can sometimes end in tears.  We would hate this to happen to you so just read your free fortune cookie and bear the advice or predication in mind.

Choosing your Cookie:

Below are 5 identical cookies, however you must only choose one of them in any one day so take a long, lingering look before selecting which one you'd like a bite of.

If you click on more than one just to see what they say then you will lose the magic of this experience, in which case we recommend that you leave the site.

Take your cookie and enjoy it on us.  If the taste is good then come back for another one next week - you never know we might have baked a whole new batch.



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