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Number One

Number one is the god figure, the number of the Creator, the primal generator of all things, it is a very powerful number and is the sign of the sun. If your digital number is one you can be a enormously forceful but also annoyingly obstinate, but one thing that is certain is that you are individual and will not follow suit. You want to rise to the top and stay there and no amount of opposition will deter you from achieving your aim. You enjoy trying out new ideas and pursuing un-trodden paths. Number One people have a one track mind and your feelings of superiority need to be balanced by a sense of humour. You can be totally incorrigible at times and your personality requires sufficient intelligence, humanity and talent for you to justify your massive ego. You can be either remarkable or a crashing bore.

Number Two

This is the number of duality, the separation of man from God. You tend to exhibit certain feminine characteristics and are naturally reticent and willing to compromise in order to keep the peace. By nature you seem placid, ingratiating but your mind is plotting all the time. You prefer to achieve your aim by stratagem rather than frontal assault and can be deceptive at times. On the positive side you can be genuinely sweet and you have a quiet side to your nature which appeals to most people. Number two is the number of polarity, of opposites; there is no male without female, no positive without negative and you combine opposites in your life and your approach to the world in general. Number two is ruled by the moon.

Number Three

You have a sparkling nature, you are attractive, full of life and a jack of all trades, but unfortunately you are unlikely to bother mastering one unless it comes to you quite naturally. You seem to draw good fortune to you in whatever you attempt to do. Your wit and intellect are unusually acute and you can converse on a multitude of subjects and speak with charm and grace. People naturally want to follow you but you prefer to remain unattached. You are a naturally winner but can be flighty. On the darker side your sense of independence makes you extremely proud and you hate obligations of any kind. You rely on the admiration of others rather than your own beliefs about yourself.

Number Four

The number four is the sign of a dull, plodding and lacking in imagination figure, you can be self righteous and respectable to a fault, the typical "square". In general you are unlikely to come up with any great ideas as you are not too creative and you resent and distrust those who are. Number four represents the four elements, the four seasons, the four minds, the four angels and the four cardinal points of the magic circle. All creation manifests itself through the number four. You are a 'pillar of society' and capable of making a positive contribution.

Number Five

You make an excellent, if not overly faithful love mate. You are extremely attractive and energetic, clever and charming. You dislike staying in one place for too long and will probably flit from one interest to another as well as one job to another. The fact is that you hate to feel tied down and will not relinquish your independence easily and without a struggle. Your life can seem exciting and even dangerous at times to others and you are apt to be self centred to the extent of satisfying your own needs before those of others. Your ideal partner would need to be very understanding and tolerant to feel secure enough to provide a harmonious home life for you.

Number Six

Number six in your spread indicates that you have a very calming effect on others and your even temper and sweetness makes you an easy target for those who would take advantage of you. You always seem to have the knack of seeing the other person's point of view and your partnerships are likely to be harmonious and long lasting. You are extremely loyal to those that you care about and you are admired for sticking to your principles. Number six is related to the sun which could account for your unusually sunny nature. You are always fun to be with and manage to see the positive side of even the most harrowing situations.

Number Seven

Number seven is the number of mystery and intrigue. You like to have your little secrets and spring surprises on those you love. Being in the limelight is not for you but even so you manage to project your magnetic personality on those you meet and are warmly admired by many. Because you are such a private person you seem to generate curiosity amongst acquaintances and will rarely be short of invitations to social gatherings. You could easily have psychic or telepathic powers and may develop in this area during the course of your life. You are interested in alternative and unorthodox views and may be considered an 'extremist' by those who don't know you too well.

Number Eight

You are very competitive and have a strong desire to succeed in everything that you undertake. You are logical and analytical and expect everyone that you meet to be able to apply their thinking in the same way. When they fail to live up to your expectations you may become impatient and and angry but this soon wears off. You are not one to bear a grudge, rather you will explode then all is forgotten - for you - but those around you are still smarting from their blows. Learn to relax more and allow life's little annoyances to wash over you instead of taking everything on board as though it was a major disaster. Your ideal profession would be one where you are able to work for yourself and develop your own interests, rather than someone else's. Travel is likely to feature largely in your life and you will possibly live abroad (at least for part of your life) at some stage or make many long journeys.

Number Nine

Number nine corresponds to the Hermit card of the Tarot. This number signifies the highest spiritual values, integrity and people who are passionately individual and capable of achieving their aspirations. You are wise beyond your years and have developed an understanding for human nature that helps you to sort out other people's problems.


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