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Psychometry is the ability to detect information about people, places or events, from the past or present, by holding an object connected with the place or the person. The word psychometry comes from the Greek works psyche, meaning soul, and metron, meaning measure.

Psychometry works on the theory that all thoughts, events or actions are permanently impressed upon the spirit level of existence and these impressions are absorbed by objects such as stones or trees. Another theory is that inanimate objects possess a life force, and a memory of their own, that enables them to receive and transmit impressions.

A Canadian archaeologist worked with a psychic who claimed to see cinema like images when he held an object. He believed that he was helped by Beings of Light. In the late 1970's the psychic went to Egypt and used psychometry to help to locate a buried city, Cleopatra's palace and Mark Anthony's burial chamber.


In order to pick up vibrations or impressions from inanimate objects you will need to practice regularly with a clear mind. Create an atmosphere of calm around you, fragrant oils in a burner, blue candles and soothing music will help to set the scene. Use a favourite, comfortable place to sit whilst you tune in. If you're doing a reading for someone, sit opposite the person and spend the first few moments concentrating on your breathing.

Deep abdominal breathing will physically relax you, and enable you to enter into a light trance state. The given object should be small enough to hold in one or two hands. It should be an object that has been in close proximity with the sitter, for example a ring or a watch that has been worn for a long period of time.

Although you will be aware of the presence of your sitter, you attention should be mostly focused on the object that you are holding. You may not receive any impressions for a while, and if this is the case, don't despair, they will come with practice. With your eyes closed, visualize the object, be aware of the size and the shape and notice how the object feels in your hands, texture, temperature, and so on.

With an image of the object fixed in your mind's eye, allow your awareness to flow into the image until you're visualizing that you are the object, imagine every aspect of being this object - for example, if you're a watch, notice how it feels to be on someone's wrist, being wound up, the sound of the tick-tock of the watch, the second hand moving slowly around the face of the watch, etc.

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