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Into the Forest

Imagine yourself living and working in a large city. There are any large buildings surround the centre of town where you work and there is very little space between the tall office blocks.  Most of the town consists of buildings, sidewalks and dark pavements with very few, sparsely spaced trees.

One particular day you're at work and you don't feel well. You're not sure why exactly - you just have a sense of deep unease as though your body and mind are out of balance.

Whilst analyzing what's on your mind, you realize the nature of your unease and as you recognize what's bothering you, this realization triggers a memory of what a person you once met once told you about the solution.

You remember hearing about a special root of a certain tree in the wilderness yielding the remedy - so you now set out on a journey from the city where you work to the wilderness to look for this tree.

As you begin travelling from your office toward the outskirts of the city you notice how there are now less and less buildings and they become smaller in size.

Instead of factories and office blocks you notice a few houses and trees scattered around.

As you go further still, there are fewer and fewer houses and more and more trees and space around you - no longer do you feel constricted - you're beginning to feel much freer now.

As you move forwards along the road, and further away from the city and out toward the wilderness, you notice a road winding among the wilderness of all the trees and natural space.

Eventually the road comes to an end but your journey continues.

You begin to walk along a small but clear path.

On each side, a variety of trees, wild flowers, and hedgerow frame your path.

You know exactly what you're looking for, you notice the different trees and their distinctive bark. This remedy - yielding tree also has a distinctive knot. So you will immediately know when you have found the right tree because of the knot.

Ambling along the path you continue to look for the particular tree with the particular bark with the particular root that yields the solution.

And you immediately know when you reaches the antidote tree.

This is the most amazing tree in the world.

Part of the root system grows deeply underground, because some of the roots need the warmth and nourishment available under the cover of the ground.

But another part of the root system grows in such a way as to protrude just above ground level running parallel to the soil. It reminds you of a partially buried cable. This way it receives both the warmth and nutrition of the earth while meeting the different sustenance needs through partially exposing its roots.

And you know - if any of the exposed part of the roots get damaged in any way - the tree immediately regenerates the absent portion. It just stays healthy this way.

Standing in awe, you bend down, collecting a small sample of the exposed root. The nature of the tree is such that only a small portion of the potion will resolve all.

It is quite concentrated. Taking and consuming it you immediately begins to feel the solution circulating within.

After pausing to allow yourself to absorb the peace and beauty of this wonderful place you gradually begin your journey, going to other places you know you want to be.

When you are ready, you can retrace the path that brought you here to the wilderness - yet the sights and sounds will feel differently from here on.

And if you feel the need to return you will instinctively remember your way.

What you now know is the path will lead you to the solution of whatever is bothering you in your life.

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