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Path Working

Path Working

A good counsellor will always help their clients to discover the answers to their problems themselves.

Most of us instinctively know the solution to any issues that are bothering us, however we don't always realize what we know - (quite often more than we think we know) or we don't trust our most important resource - our inner knowledge store.

The Path Working scripts on Mystic Universe are a form of guided imagery which can enable your inner wisdom to come forth and provide you with the guidance that you need.

The scripts don't give you the answer - what they do is to enable you to recognize the solutions that your mind already holds.

This way you can be your own counsellor - potentially saving a vast amount of money, time and effort - added advantages are the relaxing effect that these meditation sessions can produce and the assurance that you (and you alone) are in control of your destiny.

A quiet place to read or listen (with no interruptions) is recommended.

If you are accustomed to meditation then all the better - if not then just concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes whilst relaxing your body from the feet upwards or head downwards (whichever you find works best for you).

These Mystic Universe scripts can be used in a variety of ways.

You can record the sessions to listen to in your own special time for your personal use.

If holding meditation sessions or guiding clients or friends to resolve their issues in life then you can read these scripts to them.


Path Working Scripts

The Hidden Cave
This Path Working visualization script takes the listener on an imaginary journey high into the mountains where a hidden cave will invite you to discover solutions to life's problems and direction on where to go.

Free Samples

Into the Forest
If you feel overwhelmed by work or family issues to the point that you cannot concentrate on what is important to you then this "Into the Forest" Path Working script can help you to escape the pressures that you feel are being enforced upon you and allow you time and space to work out for yourself what is really important to you.

Silver Chalice
This is a powerful meditation session that can change your life forever (it certainly did with mine).  If you know that you want to do something special with your life but don't quite know what or how then you can be sure that your inner mind already knows everything it needs to know - and this script will help you to realize your goals.

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