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The Silver Chalice

Imagine yourself on a country lane - on one side of you are fields of rye - on the other side is a dense forest and ahead of you is a large mountain with a path leading up it.

Notice the path on which you are walking - is it a smooth path or a rough one? Is it wide or is it narrow? Are there any obstacles in your way? If so, how will you overcome them?

Will you climb over - move them or walk around? Or do you know any other method of getting past the obstacles?

The forest represents any problems you've had in your life - the field of rye represents possible solutions or a trouble-free life.

Stop - and look at them both. Which would attract you more? Some people seem to go looking for problems - others prefer a nice easy life - which is your choice?

If you wish to - you can go into the forest - but beware of the wild animals in there?

If you encounter a bear or a wolf or anything equally dangerous to mankind - what will you do?

Will you stand and fight - will you run away? Or will you attempt to tame the animal?

Perhaps there are no animals on prey today - you could just see a harmless rabbit or squirrel - or a beautiful deer - or even a horse? Anything is possible here.

If you walk through the field of rye - what will you do? Will you be happy there?

Will you gather an armful of rye to use as you need?

Or would you rather not trample it down?

The choice is yours - you may decide to do something completely different - who knows?

So make your choice now - go wherever you wish to go.

And when you're ready - return to the path - for you're nearing the mountain track now - and you move forward - and begin to ascend - climbing up - higher and higher.

How steep is the mountain? How far up can you see right now?

Continue climbing the mountain - going higher and higher - you may reach a plateau and stop for a rest for a while - or are you the sort of person who likes to go on - up and up - not stopping until you reach the top.

If you decide to stop - take a look at your path and how far you've come. What is the view like down there?

Are there clouds on your mountain or is it a clear, sunny day? Or is it night time or dawn - or dusk?

Keep going up - you're almost there - at the top - just a few more steps to go - that's right - almost there.

You reach the top - this is as far as you can possibly go. You've reached the peak - you have everything here that you need to make your life happier.

And standing there at the top of your mountain is a large silver chalice - full of mountain fresh, sparkling water - it looks so good that you partake of the contents of the chalice - holding it carefully between your two hands - and take a sip - of this magical, mystical fluid - oh - it tastes so good too.

As the water goes into your mouth and down your throat - you are filled with a sense of having accomplished all your dreams.

Whatever you wish to do in life - can be done - provided it's in your own best interests and doesn't harm anyone else.

Feel the energy from the crystal clear water entering your body. Give your thanks to the higher force that provided this water.

Now go down to the bottom of the mountain - go on - all the way down - when you reach the ground - and when you open your eyes - you must ground this experience and do the first thing you need to - in the physical world - to accomplish your dreams.

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Path Working  Sample - Into the Forest

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