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The ancient art of tea leaf reading...

Tea leaf reading is becoming a dying art - but it is a method of divination which anyone with a little psychic intuition can learn.  In many places in the world tea bags have replaced the traditional tea leaves so you may need to buy a box specially for this.

It is useful to have some knowledge and understanding of symbology - although as in any divinatory method exact terminology should not be relied upon.  An active imagination combined stimulated through light meditation and your 'gut feelings' will serve you best.

A wide, shallow, white cup is used for tasseology and the 'sitter' as we will call the person having the reading done, will drink the tea, leaving just a small amount in the bottom of the cup in which to swirl the remaining tea leaves around with.

The cup is the turned upside down in it's saucer with the handle facing the sitter, and with her left hand she must turn the cup completely around three times, anti-clockwise, so that the handle ends up facing her.

She will then hand the cup to the reader, without looking into it.

As the reader holds the cup, in both hands she will look for the clusters of tea leaves, reading into the shapes of them; the position of the leaves will tell her how imminent something is. As the cup is read the reader will go into a light meditative trance and allow the shapes of the leaves to form images in her mind.

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