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The ancient art of tea leaf reading...


Airplane - Airplanes signify going up in the world, either in prosperity, promotion or status. The reader may receive an inheritance or have ideas that can be used for future benefit.
Anchor - Anchors signify a happy ending to a journey.
Arch - You will meet someone will become important to you in some way.
Bell - This signifies good news, sometimes a wedding.
Bird - A messenger of good fortune.
Book - Take advice from an expert regarding a matter that concerns you.
Bottle - An active social life is indicated.
Butterfly - Can signify emotional instability - a lover who is 'flighty'.
Car - You will be going on a journey on land.
Cat - Someone around you is not to be trusted.
Chain - Take more care in work matters.
Clock - An important meeting is about to take place.
Crescent Moon - An improvement in finances.
Cross - Unpleasant news is likely to be received. Notice if there are any other symbols nearby - if it is next to another one then the interpretation of good news may be reversed - or it could apply to the actual symbol.
Crown - Promotion at work or a much desired appointment will take place.
Dart - A happy love affair.
Dice - Beware of impulsiveness - don't take any unnecessary risks.
Dog - Signifies news from a friend.
Door - You will be offered new opportunities.
Envelope - A letter or email containing good news is on the way.
Fish - Good news from overseas is on the way.
Flag - There will be good reason to celebrate.
Foot - A happy outcome but it will be delayed.
Gate - A change in circumstances.
Hammer - More effort in life is needed, can signify lack of motivation.
Harp - A fortunate symbol - worldly prosperity and emotional happiness for the enquirer.
Hat - A minor misfortune is on the way.
Hatchet (Saw) - Signifies a warning to be extremely careful where money and emotional matters are concerned.
Heart - Signifies love and excitement - possibly a new romance.
House - Signifies a new house or improvements to the home.
Key - An explanation or solution to a mystery that has been bothering the enquirer.
Knife - Quarrels are likely.
Ladder - Signifies an improvement in the enquirers situation.
Mountain(s) - Problems lie ahead that may seem difficult to surmount.
Ring - Emotional good fortune; a wedding or an engagement.
Road - two lines of leaves parallel to each other. If straight - things are going to go well. If crooked there will be problems ahead.
Rocks - Small problems ahead.
Roof - A change in home life is indicated - possibly a house move.
Scales - A warning to take a more balanced view of things.
Square - You will receive a gift.
Ship - Good luck will be experienced as a result of a journey.
Tractor - You will work hard to achieve success.
Trees - Everything is going to flourish.
Triangle - A union between two people.


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