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Aquarius (21 January - 19 February)


They are communicative about subjects that interest them but can appear aloof and reserved with people who they do not relate to. They have an active mind and like to stretch it through further education and achievements.

They have strong ideals, humanitarian feelings and are an original and progressive thinker. Once they have identified their aim they put intense energy into reaching it and have a revolutionary and unorthodox approach to problem solving.

They are scientifically minded and will always separate fact from fantasy in their mind - although they are attracted to unusual pursuits or people. They are artistic and unpredictable and their friendly approach attracts people to they.

Mentally they are intuitive, intelligent, imaginative and broad minded. They are full of reformative ideas and are able to think progressively ahead.

In love they want to be faithful but their independent nature and dispassionate, detached manner can lead to broken hearts.

Money comes and goes easily with them, but somehow they always seem to have some in reserve. They pay their debts well and are often helpful to those less fortunate. When they gamble it is mostly a question of luck, but stocks and shares can often attract they.

Their ideal vocational activities include scientist, photographer, television broadcaster, writer, psychologist, astrologer or publisher. They could also work with electronics, aviation or social welfare on radio.

Physiologically they could be affected by circulatory problems, a tendency to varicose veins, sprained ankle or cardiac disorders.

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