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Gemini (22 May - 21 June)


Geminis are essentially communicative, self expressive and mentally alert with qualities of adaptability, variability and spontaneity. They can have a "dual" personality and be prone to neurotic outbursts. They like to talk and are creative in their written communications, coming across as witty, agile and intelligent. They are typically good at languages and learn easily and would make excellent teachers.

In love they can be light hearted, fickle, flirtatious and somewhat unemotional, projecting a superficial side to their nature. They have lots of nervous energy and like to be on the move constantly.

Their ideal vocational activity is where their brain or intellect can be exercised to the fullest. They soon get bored with routine and enjoy challenges and travel. Ideal occupations would include lecturer, reporter, solicitor, commercial traveller, shorthand typist, teacher or printing and publishing.

Where money is concerned they seem to have an inbuilt lucky streak. Once they make up their mind which way they are going, cash seems to flow in both directions, however gambling speculations may not be as fortunate.

Physiologically they may be affected by the respiratory or nervous system, hands or arms. There could be problems with the sciatic nerve, a tendency to exhaustion, nervous diseases bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy or asthma.

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