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MoonchildAre you a Moon Child or an Earth Spirit?

How does the moment that you enter this world affect your life?

The stars in the heavens can influence your character, your potentials, your creative abilities and your success.

As the sun moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac, the universal patterns of life exert their influence over humanity and all creation. Most people are aware of their birth sign, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. etc. and even consult horoscopes in newspapers or magazines.

These give a very general overview of what is about to happen - a more accurate picture can be derived from the plotting of an Astrological Chart. A precise chart can forecast major events or trends in one's life and many people live their lives by what the stars say.

In order to plot your own chart you will need to know the date, time and place of your birth. You will also need an ephemeris or information about the position of the planets at the exact moment when you were born, plus a blank chart and information about the aspects of each planet. It can take several days to plot a chart but once complete you will feel immensely satisfied.

Less commonly known is the theory that as well as exerting an influence at the moment of birth, planetary aspects and positions are crucial to the development of the personality at the moment of conception, therefore to get a completely holistic profile of your potential, you should aim to plot a 'Conceptual Astrological Chart' otherwise known as CAC.

The moment of conception is not always easy to establish, as many babies are born premature or late or even vary greatly from predicted dates, however, as a rough guide you can deduct nine months from the date of birth, so for example, if you were born 30 October 1955, your conceptual date might then be taken as 30 January 1955, which means that Aquarius would be your sign of hidden potential.

If you know that you were definitely early or late then please calculate the dates accordingly. It is well worth the effort to be as precise as possible as this will reveal to you aspects about yourself that may have otherwise remained hidden or unfulfilled.

For example, you may have a talent for music about which you knew nothing, until your hidden potential was revealed.

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