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Sagittarius (23 November - 21 December)


Sagittarians are naturally expressive, energetic and assertive individuals who find it easy to fit in and adapt to various circumstances. They are adventure-seekers who enjoy the freedom of travel and open air pursuits.

Sagittarians are also intellectual thinkers who enjoy stimulating conversation. They find it easy to evaluate different opinions and use their good judgment soundly. Their ideal vocations would include translator, religious figurehead, lawyer, teacher or sportsperson. They have an affinity with horses and dogs.

In love they are ardent, sincere and conventional but they need their freedom as they cannot stand feeling trapped. They are likely to settle down with someone of a different nationality or religion or they may settle abroad. In any event it is likely that there will be a great deal of foreign travel for them.

They are likely to be more successful financially in the second half of their life as the first half will be spent in getting what they want. Their mistakes can be very costly ones but when they gamble they usually win more than they lose.

Physiologically they could have problems with the hips, thighs, sciatic nerves or rheumatic and pulmonary complaints.

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