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Taurus (21 April - 21 May)


Born between 21 April - 21 May, Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. They are practical, reliable and steadfast and have a need for security. Taureans have a sound sense of material values, art, beauty and harmony and a love of good food, comfort and luxuries. They can have very fixed ways and opinions and very strong feelings about issues that concern them.

In love they are affectionate and loyal but can be somewhat possessive. They are very much aware of the power of body sexuality and can be self indulgent and stubborn. They do not like to be contradicted and like to stick to routine.

Their ideal vocational activities would include positions of trust and responsibility, where their sense of material values and practicality, artistic and productive flair can be utilized. They do not like to take too many risks and feelings of insecurity make they feel threatened and vulnerable. They would make a good builder, farmer, banker, accountant, auctioneer or economist. When they allow their creative side to show itself they can be musical and artistic.

Taureans are typically naturally cautious and tend to hold on to what there is and part with their assets reluctantly - and even then, only when they are as truly confident. As gamblers they are likely to bet on the horses or other forms of animal racing.

Physiologically Taureans are traditionally vulnerable to throat and neck ailments. The thyroid gland could be weakened during stressful periods and they are prone to be overweight.

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