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Cancer (22 June - 22 July)


Cancerians are ruled by the Moon and are essentially emotional creatures, intuitive, self-repressing and passive, yet with many enterprising qualities.

They can develop a defensive attitude and are easily emotionally hurt. They have a need to protect and to nourish. They can be tenacious and display a crabby shell like exterior with a soft and sensitive interior. They give the impression of impenetrable self assurance and toughness but are extremely loyal to their family and security is essential to their mental well being.

They are sympathetic, imaginative, sentimental, romantic, moody and reserved. They like to collect things and can be a bit of a hoarder. They also have latent artistic tendencies.

Mentally they are shrewd, intuitive, receptive and retentive. They have an excellent memory and are sensitive to psychic influences and apt to let emotions colour their thoughts.

In love they can be the most tender and romantic partner when the conditions are right. Women tend to have strong maternal instincts while men are extremely protective. They can also be touchy and inclined to self pity.

Be warned that they are easily flattered and can have a serious problem with letting go of grudges.

They like water and would feel comfortable living near to the sea. They can become very introvert when upset and should avoid over indulgence in alcohol, drugs or extreme introspection.

Financially they are likely to put a lot of money away for a rainy day but are reluctant to use it when the necessity raises her head. They are naturally cautious with their financial affairs.

Their ideal vocation would be one where they can look after others, such as nursing, hotelier, publican or nursery gardening.

Physiologically they are likely to be affected more by the reproductive, stomach and digestive systems and may also be prone to gastric troubles or breast or skin disorder.

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